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      1. 南通大学数字医学研究所
        New Challenges in Machine Learning : Multiclass-Classification for Risk Predictions in Health Care Applications
        发布时间:2019-06-07 阅读人数:

        报 告 人:

        Prof. Hamido FUJITA


        2019年6月13日上午9 : 00




        The challenges in big data analytics are the high dimensionality and complexity in data representation analytics especially for on-line feature selection. Granular computing and feature selection on data streams are among the challenge to deal with big data analytics that is used for Decision making. We will discuss these challenges in this talk and provide new projection on ensemble deep learning techniques for on-line health care risk prediction. Different type of data imposes some difficulties to data analytics due to preprocessing and normalization processes which are expensive and difficult when data sets are raw, or imbalanced. We have utilized ensemble learning as multi-classification techniques on multi-data streams using incremental learning to update data change “concept drift”.


        He is professor at Iwate Prefectural University (IPU), Iwate, Japan, as a director of Intelligent Software Systems. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Knowledge-Based Systems, Elsevier of impact factor (3.95) for 2019. He received Doctor Honoris Causa from O’buda University in 2013 and also from Timisoara Technical University in 2018, and a title of Honorary Professor from O’buda University in 2011. He received honorary scholar award from University of Technology Sydney, Australia on 2012. He is vice president of International Society of Applied Intelligence, and Co-Editor in Chief of Applied Intelligence Journal, (Springer). He has given many keynotes in many prestigious international conferences on intelligent system and subjective intelligence. He headed a number of projects including Intelligent HCI, a project related to Mental Cloning as an intelligent user interface between human user and computers and SCOPE project on Virtual Doctor Systems for medical applications.